Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Chocolate covered treats!

I gathered all the snacks I could find at my parent's house and decided to dip them in chocolate and throw all kinds of sprinkles all over them, as you do.

I decided to opt for salted pretzels and some scottish shortbread were to be generously doused in melted galaxy chocolate.
I broke up and placed the squares of a chocolate bar into a microwave safe bowl and zapped it on medium heat, checking and stiring regulary until all chocolate had softened.

  I then decorated each piece in white chocolate chips and multi-coloured sprinkles, maybe going a little bit over the top with sprinkles. It was very fun, if a little messy.
once satisfied with the ridiculously overboard amount of coatings and decorations, place them on to baking parchment and allow to cool and set. 
they couldn't set quick enough
Shortbread Pizza!


  1. They look fantastic! What a great idea :-)

  2. They look delicious and they tasted delicious! I think the sweet/savoury pretzel sticks were my favourites and you can never have too many sprinklings

  3. So amazing! Thanks for posting this- chocolate covered pretzels are actually my fav!