Hello, I'm Alice.
welcome to Bake n' Beebz! 
About the Blog 
I started writing on Bake n' Beebz as a way to share recipes and document my daily adventures my dog, Bobbin ( nickname Beebz)!
I love creating delicious Gluten Free meals and baked goods and experimenting with new foods and flavors. I put my own spin on recipes to give them a Bake n Beebz healthified GF twist. 
I try to live a healthy, balanced life but also indulge my sweet tooth regularly.
About The Blogger
I'm a 23 year old,  food and fitness obsessive... oh and I recently found out i'm Gluten Intolerant.
  •  I bake, I run and I have a Shih Tzu.
  • I'm a fashion student at the University of Brighton...specializing in knitwear and knitting... JUST GRADUATED!
  • I own a serious sweet tooth and diet cola addiction.
  • I always have peanut butter on the brain.
 I long to live the the U.S. of A... the home and motherland of PB, Fluff and Trader Joes.