Monday, 16 May 2011

Going Gluten Free

Yes... The Gluten free, from this day forward, Bake n Beebz will be changing.

Wheat and gluten is something if often thought of cutting out, I always seem to be sensitive, react in some way, feel uncomfortable and lacking energy after eating a gluten heavy meal.
So for the interest of health and my well being (I wont go in to the finer the gory details) Im now on a trial Gluten free diet. Which means my baking and eating habits are about to endure a serious shake up!
 Im in a way excited about this challenge. I'm looking forward to trying new recipes and inventive ways to use other flours and grains to create scrummy baked goods.

First on the  shopping list... Gluten free oat meal! I seriously can't go a day with out my oats.

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