Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Gulten Free day one. Challenge one: eating out.

Today I had a very busy day at Uni, im currently running around running errands and constantly seem to have my stress head on as this is my final week of University studies... everrrr. Scary stuff. My looming deadline for my exhibition is Monday so its all go at the moment. This afternoon however I took a little moment to have lunch with my cousin, Amy, whose in town at the moment working.
  We decided to head to the lanes for a ladies luncheon and catch up, Our destination was one of my favourite eateries Iydea. Iydea is a wonderful canteen-style restaurant in North Laine catering for vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs, ( gluten free me catered for! hurrah!) All of their dishes are clearly marked as to their suitability for each of these dietary requirements meaning that I find it an incredibly easy and delicious place to eat. They have a range of tempting, delicious and healthy hot and cold food, which always varies on a day-to-day basis.
Tofu and Aubergine Madras with
parsely butter carrots, roasted broccoli,
pickled beetroot and tzatzki
I spent a good while weighing up the vast option and was torn between gluten free Falafel or  Tofu madras curry. Amy instantly chose the curry, so I followed suit. You get given the option to add your choice of vegetables, salad and toppings...
 I opted for carrots served in parsley butter, Roasted rocked and pepper broccoli, pickled beetroot chutney and a cooling tzaziki dip... I'm not too sure what Amy chose to accompany hers i was too interested in scoffing mine...
manic food happiness
 after lunch we said our goodbyes and I headed to Infinity health foods to purchase some gluten free baking produce.
Also picked up some Gluten and wheat free bread buns from marks and sparks... Miss bread already (I think its a case of you always want what you cant have.)  I will be road testing these tomorrow!
AHHH yes... Confession, I can't help myself when it comes to Brighton's to American Candy Store... I momentarily went crazy in the aisle and bought,  PB cookie dough bites, mini mallow cup and Charleston chew... not sure if there GF friendly (will have to hide them til i know for sure) but the Betty Crocker chocolate peanut butter cookie lip balm certainly is, Ohhhh it tastes just like a nutty cookie, I am reapplying every 5 minutes... no exaggeration. It will just have to satisfy my sweet tooth for now whilst i read up on some gluten free baking recipes!

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  1. I had roasted seeds and bean sprout shoot-y things on my curry, had them last time they're gorgeous :)
    Looking forward to some gluten free baking this weekend xx