Wednesday, 18 May 2011

What I Ate Wednesday.

I photographed everything i ate today, wednesday. Can't wait for my studies to be over so I can post some proper recipes and blog to my hearts content. so here is... W.I.A.W.

Homemade oaty appley protein bar. recipe to come ;)
 Bobbin assissted in helping me sort out some University work.
Then we ate Lunch
A sort of luxurious student's lunch of Smoked Salmon a top of scrambled egg whites and the M&S gluten free bread I purchased yesterday.Bobbin looked longingly on as a chowed down. The bread roll weighed a ton! It was dense and very dry, but toasting it halved, and a good slavering of 'I can't believe its not butter.' sorted it out.
Obligitory Diet cola
 On research, The internet reliably informs me that all of the American candy stash i have if GF! Waaaahey... snacks ahoy.
Banana and mini mallow cup consumed...

 Dinner Time!
Curried butternut squash with roasted chick peas and aload of veggies.
Sippin' on hot cocoa and cuddling up this is creature now.

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