Sunday, 12 August 2012

Sans gluten sil vous plais! A gluten free adventure to France.

Bonjour, mon petit amies!
Just returned from an awesome short summer vacation to France.
Me and mr bake n' beebz packed up the muffin mobile, harry drove all the way, we took the ferry across the channel to Calais and drove on down south along the coast to the idilic seaside town Trouville -sur - mer. I brought genius gf bread with me so we pulled off roadside and had delicious filling French cheese and ham sammies before driving off....
Jeeeeez the drive was stressful, nearly ran out of petrol and both front tires were flat in the middle of the vast hot auto barns I probably knocked years off my life with navigating us, managed to miss every turn off we needed to take. So seeing the sea and our hotel was a welcome sight.
Trouville-sur-mer was bustling and and weather was perfect, and hawt. managed to get a truckers arm during the journey. We headed to the sandy beach. As we strolled along the wooden boardwalk we ate ice cream, drank desperadoes and melted away any of those travelling stresses.

We meandered along the strip of neon lights and candle lit quaint bistro bars and restaurants ,in the evening, soaking up all of our vibrant surroundings around us, I dominated a bucket of moules marinere, mr bake n Beebz owned a pizza. Now eating gluten free is pretty tricky, dispute loading up my noggin with the new scary phrases in Francais, the waiter still brought out my dinner aside a whole buttery baguette.

On our second day we played in the pool, bathed and went boarding! Skim boarding was super fun. It's awesome as I found it a hell of a lot easier than surfing but even riding along the tiniest wave felt gnarly. Plus it's a serious workout for the Glutes.
To celebrate a afternoon out on the waves, whole lotta gelatto, for our post work out fuel... nutella, banana and kinder bueno flavours were to die for. back at the hotel we chilled with more beers and wine followed by more booze and a delicious restaurant dinner. sans gluten salad for me.

on our third day we headed back north east and drove a few hours to Paris, checked into our very very minimal lodgings and then headed for the city centre for sightseeing and dinner.

Navigating the metro was a nightmare as there we construction works, lines closed and no information about it. But the eiffel tower was big and the food was delicious, despite more sans gluten mix ups, our restaurant was in the eiffel tower's shadows and overlooked the river Seine. We decided to leave early to avoid any major train stress, but I definitely want to go back and explore the city and it's shops further! I didn't even get to try a authentically French macaroon!

Day 5&6... DISNEY.

We are thrill seekers!

Best rides, gluten free dining options everywhere! This is where I belong.
I begged mr bake n Beebz to let me live here... Forveveeeer.

This lil adventure was just what I needed. I had the best time with my best buddy... I felt besotted with harry our whole holiday, we laughed and had so much fun. I already have post holiday blues waaaaaah. This is my first holiday to a foreign country since being diagnosed coeliac, it's was tricky with the language barrier, I felt a bit of panic in restaurants... So most of our meals were packed lunches made in the hotel rooms, which saved a wholeloada monies too. Being surrounding by cheeses, cured hams and delicious seafood was amazing and we definitely made the most of the local French fresh produce. Most of the super marches carried 'bio' foods, which means organic and in these sections were normally gluten free rice cakes, musili and some breads.