Saturday, 30 April 2011

Brighton eats.

 Me and Mr Bake n Beebz decided to head the Brighton for a bit of shopping. As soon as we arrrived tummys rumbled, we were starving, so headed to our favourite Italian sandwich shop that we always seem to end up in. Caffe Aldo is a small establishment run by a very friendly and vocal Italian guy... Aldo. It looks very basic from the street, but Aldo's will always have a special place in our hearts. We popped in there on a whim when we first moved to Brighton and were not disappointed.

Tuna + mozza
Roast veg panini
This is real Italian food, serving the type of fresh thin Italian pizza you’d buy from a local café in Italy.
We always get a panini each, Today optiing for the tono (tuna, mozzarella, rocket black olives with a drizzle of olive oil) and the zucchini (roast red peppers and courgette with hummus olives and mozzarela) Mr B n' B also got him self a slice of margherria. The quality is superb and the service is always Friendly and with a smile. Last time i got some free chocolate crepes thrown in, but i wasn't so lucky this time. I seriously recommend this place for eat in or take away.
Marg pizza
After hunge was satisfied we trawled the vintage shops looking for summer clothes. Mr bake n Beebz got himself a whole new summer wardrobe. my only purchase of the day was these fellas...
From an special American candy store in the lanes. The fact they match my nail varnish is no coincidence.


  1. Can we go to Aldo's when I visit? I'm so excited!!!

  2. Mr Bake N Beebz8 May 2011 at 17:36

    I'll post on behalf of Alice and say yes.