Sunday, 22 May 2011

Day Trippin'

 Yesterday I took my cousin to Eastbourne for a sunny shopping trip before she headed off back to Brighton.
After fueling our tummies with a Blondie , Nana and cuppa for breakfast, we headed out and boarded the train for Eastbourne, our shops and ice creeeeeam. I was so excited, It felt a little like were going on a summer holiday, and we sorta were. The sun came out and the sea was beautifully clear... lovely.

 Realized once on the train i was very much accessorized to the max in bubblegum pink... nails, phone, mac lippy.... a bit like this shih tzu  here all pretty in pink.
Whilst shopping I found a book dedicated to knitted dog jumpers...turned the page and... SHIH TZU IN A JUMPER! Bobbin needs this if she want to keep up with me in the style steaks ;) Pinks her fave too along with kibble. Such a diva.

 After looking around the shops and not really buying anything we strolled along to the sea front for lunch. Amy had fish and chips, Smelt soooo tempting but my gluts free lunch was a Mr Whippy ice cream (minus the cone) and pick n mix chocolate mice....hmmmm. There really weren't many options for my sensitive tummy but like a kid i was overjoyed with this and a little nauseous once i had finished the lot.

Amy had her whole fish stolen by a seagull in a mugging incident! it was an aerial attack and it left us both a little shaken and Amy fish-less...