Tuesday, 27 September 2011

What I Ate Wednesday.

I love cake... .and this tastes like cake. Brilliant. A warming gigantic bowl of carrot cakey cinnamony oatmeal...The only thing certain to get me out of bed of late, and hands down the best way to start a chilly day. 
I have been having this awesome oatmeal combo religiously for the past few days.  The playas in the Breakfast mix are : 1/2 cup gluten free buckwheat oats, one grated carrot, raisins chopped walnuts, cinnamon, all spice, applesauce, a dash of soya milk and a little sweetener.
 Lunches have been mostley open face sammiches... here is a beet, turkey mayo numbah, with GF pretzels and always with a side of spinach and glugs of balsamic vinegar.
 For afters I had a slice of my skinny spiced carrot cake bar with a cuppa English tea.
 On Sunday, I went shopping with Harry to London's Brent cross shopping centre to spend some money we dont have, as soon as we parked up in the shopping mall car park our tummies were rumbling so we headed to our favourite, Wagamama.
I wanted to try something different, (variety is the spice of life my friends)  I went for the chicken Donburi rice bowl, Made Gluten Free... and taste free, it arrived after a very long wait and was plain rice, plain chicken and a whole grated carrot, I was a little disappointed but still devoured it. Mr bake and beebz know what he likes and had his staple Chilli Raman... he like things hot hot hot. If you have been to wagas... what dishes would you recommend?
Outfit of the day...
 spent what seemed like hours at the mac counter trying to find a new lippy... but nothing was purchased.
 After coming away empty handed and a Little sadden, I suddenly spotted FRO YO, YO! sprinted over and after a little taste testing plumped for pomegranate with fresh raspburries and yogurt covered dried fruit toppings. When ever I see a frozen yogurt vendor i go excitedly bizurk, harry will testify this.
On a trip to St. Albans market to get the weekly fresh fruit and veg, to supply my huge demands me and my mum got this basil mozzarella from one of those little the stinky cheese stalls.
 Its not stinky at all...this tastes like a a caprese salad rolled into one cheese wheel...
 so supper was a mini basil mozza toast pizza... pesto, toms and onion topped with what looks like snot... but its not. om nom nom.
To round off dinner I had another slice of my cake. so much carrot up in this post, man.
In the evening I got in a Gym session... started of with some 20 minute elliptical, 10 minute treadmill burst and cool down for 10 minz on the stationary bike. followed by a weighty strength workout. FEELING DA BURN.  totally pooped me out!
Crawled home to a big banana protien powder green monster shake...
 AAAAAHHHnd this other big monster... this bad boy was hiding in my bed, under my pillow... Im not affraid of spiders in the least but no kidding he's the size of my fricken face, tried to catch him, but he got away and im not sure which direction... he'll be back. How many spiders is it they say you eat in your sleep? oh dear ain't gonna sleep well tonight.
What was the best thing you ate lately? I hope mine isn't this spider... 
As always, thanks jenn for hosting another W.I.A.W


  1. Those leggins are SO FREAKING CUTE!!! You're too adorable. For real. Love it!

    All your eats look delish! Happy WIAW!

  2. ohmyLORD! i found that spiders twin brother in my bed the other day!!! what is it with these giant dinosaur sized spideroons?! and WHY are they so fond of pillows!?! either way, i sleep with a cup by my bed for emergency trappage :-p

    Your carroty cake oats look damn fine, and ive already eyeballed the carrot cake bars for some weekend baking, thanks you bake n' beebz! :-)

  3. ewwww! I would have lost it if I found that spider in my bed...
    and that carrot cakey slice thing looks yummo...

  4. AHH I love how you just get right into it without introductions. No messing around, just lovely food.
    We had one of those spiders in our flat yesterday, they must be making their London rounds! Everything looks yum. I love the carrot in today's eats. I've never been to Wagas, but there is one quite near, so I'd like to try.
    Hooray for London, i can't wait to get to the markets!

  5. Yes!there just craling about everywhere by the sounds of it! these spiders can just jog on...

    you should definitely get down to wagas! the noodles are sooo good and the portions are generous.

  6. That spider is huge! Sounds like you had a lovely day, I had some carroty porridge the other morning and it was so good, I can see why you've been enjoying it!

  7. Your food looks amazing!!! Can I come live with you? That's not a weird thing to ask a stranger is it? ;)

  8. Your oats sound SO yum!! And I am going to make your carrot cake bars this weekend :)
    You have great style girly! Love the leggings - I have them too hehe! :)
    And OMG that spider is horrid!! I would totally have freaked out!!

  9. That carrot porridge looks DIVINE! Definitely trying that one for brekkie sometime soon. I'm also equally excited when I spot a fro-yo place when I'm out and about. It's like, whatever time of day it is or whatever meal I've just eaten, there is ALWAYS tummy-space for fro-yo!

  10. Those leopard pants are freaking awesome. I have leopard tights, but I really want some bold statement pants like that. I am going to have to make the carrot porridge this weekend. I love anything reminiscent of carrot cake.

  11. totally cute outfit and oh goodness that food all looks great!carrot porridge will be made very soon!

  12. OMG that carrot bar looks so good. I am trying that this weekend for sure!

  13. Oh my god, I'm not really scared of spiders really but that spider would have made me FREAK! There have been some giants in this house the past few weeks eeek. Your lunch looks delish! Also, I found some GF rusks in my poundland the other day and was mighty excited :)

  14. Me-like the extra carrot-cakey-ness of this post!
    one queshun: Does carrot cake oats taste like carrot cake?!

    Holy Jeez I'd of flipped into panic attack had I seen that spida under my pillow. I've the biggest phobia!

    I def. wanna make dem carrot cakey bars, z'er anyway i can sub the xanthum gum?

  15. YESH! Tastes exactly like a freshly baked warm bowl of carrot cake! you gotta try it! x

    yep i reck it would work with out the gum, might fall apart a little bit?! but its all about taste anyway right?!

  16. you're outfit is so cute!! and your food pictures make me want to drooool haha

  17. i've never seen green cheese before! how crazy (but also delicious sounding)!

  18. I love your outfit!

    Carrot cake oats are so perfect for this time of year (oh wait, it's like 25* out!) but, you know what I mean!!! ;-)

    MAC counter = too much time wasted! I love it...there's literally like every colour of everything you can imagine!!

    Your photos are so pretty! :-)

  19. gosh, I would have left the room until anyone found the spider, killed it and showed me here dead body as proof *shiver*!

    But your oatmeal sounds amaaaaazing, carrot cake in oatmeal form and then as a bar - whey, my dear, you just inspired me to a whole lot of kitchen work ;)