Monday, 7 November 2011

recent tings & Giveaway winner!

Yeeeeah free stuff, everyone loves a freebie and one lucky winner will receive a parcel of these nakd bars...

using a random number generator was comment/retweet... number 14...
 congrats Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli!

 Spent the weekedn with my best buddies Mr Bake n Beebz and teh Beebz. she was due for a clippin' and I invested in some specialized dog grooming clippers...
 Lookin' neat after a long old beauty parlour sesh with yours truly. really wanted to paint beebz's nails too but she'd already been through enough, poor shih... so i painted mine instead with my new pale blue Barry M Nail laquer.
  Went shopping with Charlotte on Sunday and got myself some of the essentials ya pyjamas, undies and some GOOOBUUUURS on sale down from 5.99 to 2 quid. Get in, couldn't wait to get stuck in. PB and jelly in one container is a genius time/ space saver...kinda?!?! haha
 Peanut Bee and jelly is the OG combo... some framed reminders on my walls to celebrate this...

 Also snapped up some Reeses cups in white chocolate. damn homie. best day for PB related stuff evhuuur.

 Getting in to my new pyjamas and poured some milk ready for these PB and white chocolate cookies, good night blogging world.


  1. I so want that peanut butter poster!

  2. Did them myself! Its just a print out and frame jobby!