Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas eve!

I'm wide awake, on a bit of a chocolate sugar rush and too excited-able to sleep, So im bloggin'
Today (Christmas eve!) has been a blissful festive day spent lazin' in bed, watching movies, baking, a lil shopping... and even managed to pop to the gym for a quick cardio blast, before I set upon my challenge of tackling all the chocolate and cookies in sight.
 I whipped up these Christmas sugar cookies this morning whilst singing  some festive tunes acapella.
I used a simple shortbread recipe and added ome almond extract and red food colouring to half of the dough.
 Once the dough balls had a chance to chill out in the fridge, I pulled em out and rolled out each cookie into candy canes and swirls!
 This evening we walked Bobbin to the crazy Christmas light house....
This guy goes all out every year, Its so bright you can see the glow of the house from miles away and causes traffic jams as people come far and wide to see the display. the front garden was swarming with squealing children getting there photos taken with the nativity scene (me included). Once home me and Beebz warmed up with some warm mulled wine and wrapped up all our presents for to big day tomorrow!
Christmas Pajamas and cosy socks... ON
Carrot for Rudolf and Gluten free mince pie for Santa (poor fella could have allergies too.) All set and ready for their arrival!
Time to close my peepers... ITS CHRISTMAS TOMORROW!!!!


  1. Those cookies look really good :)