Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Will you Beebz my valentine?

Dear Mister Bake n Beebz, 
Thank you for putting up with such a foodie nutter butter girlfriend.
love ya, man.
k thx bai.
Last night, the doorbell rung and I was greeted at my front door by a handsome fella with a bunch of red tulips... I had been picked up for a extra special Valentines day date night and special meal out. Me and Mister Bake n Beebz drove into London to a restaurant we found online after much research into GF dining in the city.
 We hit he jackpot with this, a lil independent pizzeria with rave reviews, about their unique pizza pies. OTTO'S makes their fresh pizzas with a intriguing cornmeal pizza crust, I loved the relaxed atmosphere and the passion the guys who own it, have. The guy who served us was super helpful and really knowledgeable about gluten free and allergy ordering.

 First things thirst... I ordered a Gluten free beer, yeah! best I've had yet, Mongozo premium pilsner... I highly recommend this brew! Harry had a sip an agreed it was pretty good but stuck to water as the sensible designated driver...
Tipsy after a whiff of alcohol.
With the help and recommendations of the server we ordered lots lots of different slices to try. I had half a kale and ham pizza and half Greek with feta tomatoes and roasted garlic.
Completely different to any pizza I have ever had, but so good. as long as the cheese is gooey and extra stringy im a happy bunny. Because of the high fibre content of the crust its super filling... more so than its doughy counter part. so after 2 slices i was ready to be rolled outta there... I'm still full now...20 hours later.

afterwards, As My next valentines treat was a trip to the big Kensington Whole Foods... peanutbuttery food haul day everrrrr.