Monday, 12 March 2012

Oh Hai...

 We are seriously due a catch up,  a good ol gossip. sit yourself down, get a drink/snacks and brace yourself for a instagram overload...

Im negelecting my bloggy baby, its not that I dont want to post its more that time is just running on away from me and im feeling guilty. so here is a overdue picture/instagrammy post to recap the life of bake n beebz from the last fornight... or more....
 Bobbin turned 3!  in dog years thats(3x7) 21 so shes started the boozin and stuff you can do when your fully an adult shih tzu.
Such a mini gorilla. I've been boozin' too. had some super fun low key nights out with buddies.
 O.F.O.T.P outfit of the post: double denim, Vans cropped shirt, denim cut off, and topshop skinny jeans.
Love this shirt! bought on a recent outing to the new westfield shopping mall in laaaandaaan. also, Finally getting round to sewing my badge collection on the back of my denim cut off jacket.

As well as some drinks and dancing Ive also enjoyed some nights in, earning some extra dough... babysitting and dog sitting... Meet Boris the beagle bassett cross....
 He's whipping me up a lil summat summat in the kitchen. don't get jealous Beebz.
 Also had some pretty damn tasty eats...
 Costco berry froyo and unlimited diet cola refillzzz
 TACOS 4 LYFE. homemade chili, guack and hella Jalepenoooohs.
 cherry colah
 chocolate protein pancakes topped with strawburrrrs, maple syrup, yoghurt and granola
 Neatest salad ever? OCD chef.
that's s'all for now, there more pictures, reviews and news stuff I should post, but I'm gonna pace myself, im tired and ready to hit the hay... Night!