Sunday, 6 March 2011

Whadda pear! and ginger drizzle cake.

Hello there. its Sunday, my favourite day of the week! The only day when you don't have to feel guilty about doing nothing productive. Today I have enjoyed being a lady of leisure; pottered around the kitchen walked bobs in the park, read some gossip magazines and blogs, enjoyed a day of procrastination from Uni work.
Pear and ginger lemon drizzle cake
Good ol' diet soda cake strikes once again, but its all spruced up.
I used the weight watchers lemon mini muffin kit and added some diced pear and crystallized ginger.
 After my last batch of cakes I didn't have any muffin cases so i poured it into a cake pan.
 Oh so very tastey and only 80 calories for a generous slab of this moist cakey torte. The combination of the spicy ginger, sweet pear and zesty lemon works brilliantly.
  • 1 boxed cake mix
  • 1 small pear
  • 5 pieces of crystallized ginger
  • 5 tablespoons water
  • egg white
  1. dice pear and slice ginger
  2. add dry mix and combine with fruit and wet ingredients
  3. bake at 190*c (350)  for 30 minutes
  4. remove from oven and cool
  5. in a separate bowl, combine icing sugar 1 tbsp of water and lemon juice for icing.
  6. drizzle icing mixture all over cake and enjoy.  
There wasn't that much mixture and it only just covered the base of the tin so its a shallow cake. would be best in muffin cases i think. oh and the extra egg white isn't necessary but I added it to make sure it rose successfully, and it did.
Time to curl up on the sofa with a cuppa tea, my dog and some cake. I will do work tomorrow!


  1. Aaah you have me DROOLING over that delicious looking cake!! I LOVE pear...and ginger...and CAKE...mmmm... :)

  2. This looks lush! I'm not CRAZY over crystallized ginger but I reckon I could be converted with this ;-)