Monday, 20 June 2011

Waffle Ironings.

I have a new toy... a waffle maker. I have been lusting over one of these forever and today is the day my dreams came true. too many flavour possibilities whirling around my head and I have so many book marked recipes in my tool bar, I just don't know which one to start off with but here goes...
 Waffle iron  [on] off
Today is going to be a good day...


  1. You will definitely not regret buying a waffle iron! I think waffles turn breakfast into a party - they just seem more special than pancakes somehow.

  2. hahaha breakfast is my favourite meal so it makes sense to turn it into a party! im a convert there sooo satisfying to make! x

  3. be careful...start waffling now, and you'll be addicted for life! ;)