Monday, 1 August 2011


Judging by this text I received yesterday, we were defiantly made for each other...
Yup Its mine and Mr bake n beebz' Anniversary today. I was 16 when we met and boy has time flown by!
We spent this sweltering summer's afternoon strolling around the lake and park with Bobbin, The weather was stunning and the park was packed!  After we walked up to town and treated ourselves to a slap up meal to celebrate.

 We dined at Wagamamas, one of our favourites, specializing in tasty simple Japanese food. They also go out of their way to cater for all allergies and help you select a meal.

I chose the Saien Soba - noodles in a vegetable soup topped with fried tofu, beansprouts, courgettes, asparagus, red onion, leeks, mushrooms, mangetout and garlic. garnished with spring onio. They used rice noodles instead of wheat and substitued the miso soup for a gluten friendly base. 

We have been to Wagamamas many times and I wanted to try something I don't normally get and although i love the way they are so brilliant at adapting, this was a little lacking in flavour, but I still happily slurped it up! (It made me miss the days when I woulda ordered whatever the heck I liked.)

Harry went for his favourite... chilli ramen and polished it off.
Harrys bowl had noodles in a spicy chicken and pork soup topped with your choice of chicken or beef sirloin, beansprouts, red and spring onions and chillies. garnished with coriander and lime.
Bobbin waited patiently under the table for her noodle scraps ;) I have no shame.
(oh and shes had a haircut... she came into my salon to have a her hacked off this morning.)
Whilst in town we did a little shopping and I had to buy the cupcake version of the muffin dog toy....
she had trouble deciding which to chew on for dessert...
In the end she wanted cake.
Whilst us humans had real cupcakes...
I baked some special anniversary GF chocolate cupcakes. These were lovely, decadent and fudgey...going into for my second and about to slip into chocolate coma.

Recipe to come!