Wednesday, 17 August 2011

What I ate Wednesday... snack time.

WAAAAHEY its Wednesday! its W.IA.W! haha. I'm pretty excited as i completely missed the boat last week, and its certainly a case of absence makes the heart grow fonder. Anyway, Im back and I have... Breakfast! This morning I had a bowl of mesa sunrise cereal flakes with fresh strawbs and bloob berries. I flooded the bowl with Lactose free milk and topped with some shredded coconut and sweetner.
Bought this at the market today. I have wanted to try Carrot Juice since this lady mentioned it, I don't know what I was expecting but it tastes very... earthy! Definitely felt more energized. It could be in my mind, But it does make me want to invest in a juicer and have a healthy vitamin packed juice daily.
Well, the sweet tooth didn't take long to kick in today....And so.... The snacking begins.  I'm studying for my driving theory test today, the exam is tomorrow and I have yet to pass a online practice hazard perception test... whats wrong with me!?!?! I have very slow, delayed reactions with my mouse!
 yup today I was the cookie monster, knocked back a few pints of milk and rocky road cookies oh and more baby rusks to boot.
What I wore Wednesday!

Finally got dressed and ventured into town for a study break and bit of fresh air!
When I got home I was ready for lunch! Egg white scramble with a toasted Gluten Free seedy roll, topped with smoked salmon and a twist of the pepper grinder. simple and delicious! Has to be my favourite savory food combo! ohh apart from cheese with more cheese obvs.
Then I moved on to some savory Snacks, Mrs Crimbles Sour Cream Cheese and onion cheese bites. The lovely people at Mrs Crimble's sent me a little package of goodies to try out and review. I popped the bag open and a few nibbles of the triangle puffs... not bad! light and crispy but not much of a cheesy chive vibe going on, definitely needed more seasoning. So, I whipped up a quick dip made from GF and dairy free mayonnaise with garlic powder, chopped fresh chives ad a sprinkle of paprika. Much better, they are definitely more of a dipping kinda chip, I liked the was the triangles were good for scooping! I would certainly have these again,  Especially some of the other varieties of flavours, like the tomato, oregano and olive pack. Im pretty excited to trying out some of the GF cake and baking mixes they have too.

Then I decided I was time to close the laptop, put the food down and hit the gym with Harry,  I did 20 min stationary bike warm up Firstly, Then hit the grunting 'cave' man weight section and did some heavy lifting (well heavy for puny me) mainly concentrating on shoulders, back and biceps...
I love how much stronger I feel already!
 ....After more frustrating revision of signs, road markings and hazardous motorway situations It was pretty late.
I wasn't too hungry since i had snacked all day but  I rustled up a quick small dinner of buckwheat pasta spirals, pan fried courgette, mushrooms , spinach and chicken tossed in a dairy free cream cheese sauce topped with a little extra grated cheese...

and that my friends sums up a day of eats! HAPPY W.I.A.W!!!

What was the best thing you ate today?
Oh and have you taken your driving theory test? any pointers/advice for this hopeless case?


  1. That shot of your cereal bowl has me seriously craving some, that or muesli. Um I think I know what I'm having for breakie tomorrow!

  2. That smoked salmon roll looks amazing :)

    Good luck on your test!

  3. I *heart* smoked salmon and cream cheese!!

    Can only advise practice, practice, practice for the driving theory test!! Good luck :-)

  4. I actually cant get over how adorable you are. Your hair, glasses, everything!
    And those rocky road cookies are killin' me

  5. I love those Mrs Crimble crisps - the plain cheese ones are great too - and thanks for the Mesa sunrise reminder,I used to have them every day but haven't for ages!
    Hope the test went well :-)

  6. Your photos are always so gorgeous :-)
    That chocolate cookie looks amazing!
    I should seriously post my snacks in my WIAW, I just forget!
    Hope you passed the test :-)