Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Blackbeeberry pickin'

Me and Beebs went adventuring into the English country side for an afternoon of foraging for Blackberries.
 We got a little brave and climbed a tree, then instantly got scared and jumped down, Treked across some fields and woodland paths until we found our berries. 
I spotted the berries on one off our previous walks I picked and ate most of them straight up, because I didn't have a bag to pop them in, but I decided to return yesterday to claim the rest!  I love the fact that these free tasty morsels are on practically on my doorstep and usually over looked but in a  supermarket you would pay outrageous amounts for a teeeny weeeney meany plastic pot of berries. I think I'm Going to do a spot of baking with our abundant crop!


  1. Berries in the supermarket are so expensive it's a joke, bet those tasted a ton better too! I love berry picking!

  2. I mom and I used to pick blackberries all the time, but then we moved. Now we have apple and walnut trees near by :)