Monday, 12 September 2011


 Just got in, plonked my bags down and crawled into bed to write this post here... I'm pretty exhausted from an amazing couple of days away.
We whisked ourselves off to the south coast to see friends and have a mini vacation at the sea side for the weekend. After my first week in employment, I have been looking forward to our lil adventure. We booked into a sea front hotel for two nights first night we stayed in, watched the latest jersey shore and crashed out.

Woke up to the sunniest view outside our window, i knew it would be difficult to find gluten free foods in the hotel so brought some GF cereal and fruit and chomped on down whilst looking out to sea, once we got ourselves up n ready Harry headed to Brighton skating and I had arranged to meet up with some ol' gal pals.

After a few hours of shuffling through charity shops we were ready for a late lunch! We came across this awesomely tacky diner, a kind of small town homage to planet Hollywood... but better because everything was so fantastically not quite right. The place was decorated with statues and the Obamas even dined at our table with us.

 We were served our bottomless refill sodas and got ordering.

Miss G Free ere ordered Blackened chargrilled chicken with side salad, corn on the cob and sour cream. Oh my lady liberty, that chicken was so so tender! 
 Me girls got burgers! and we rounded off our mammouth American feast with shared chocolate ice cream sundays.
F.Y.I Barrack hogged and had more than his fare share.
 Hours flew by and I eventually said my goodbyes and wandered back to my hotel room had a shower and prepared for a night out with the lads! waaaahey... Me and Mr Bake n Beebz's mates went out for a few too many drinks, This is where the photos end and everything falls into a hazy mix of cocktails and potato chips. Best weekend Ive had in a looong time but now my head hurts and I'm suffering from the effects of strawberry daiquiris.


  1. Bottomless diet coke = the way to my heart. I love little diners like that, I always feel like I'm in Grease when I'm in one - I just want to break in to song!