Monday, 5 September 2011

Five Things I'm Lovin' ...

1. My new job...
I started my brand spankin' new job today! Teachin' tiny teeny weeny kiddies the 1,2,3's and how to spell their names. First day was a eye opener and quite tiring but I loved it!

2. Nandos and date nights...
I'm always craving their big ass olives on the regular now. Im hooked. I went on a date with Mr Bake n Beebz, feels like I'm a lil 16 year old again and i love it! I got dressed up and we grabbed some chick'n and a movie the other night. su.per. fun.

3.Gluten free treats and yums...

A couple of weeks ago I received a pretty humongous box of goodies from Juvela to sample. Juvela are a company, which unlike a lot of the bigger companies, are very aware of the medical issues and implication of celiacs disease and offer help and nutritional advice as well and as a great variety of tempting Gluten Free food products.
 In the parcel was their entire current range of all things sweet and breakfasty you can order from their online store.

aswell as some brilliant looking boxed cereals (which I will be featuring/reviewing soon im sure!) They kindly included Biscotti, Brownies, chocolate fingers.

dammmmnnn these are good... the chocolate fingers were annihilated instantly... better than any I ve had before but I was particularly impressed by the Biscotti! Ive been longing for a crunchy biscuit to dip in my cocoa for a while, and I'm constantly teased by the giant jar, my non intolerant family, have on show in the kitchen. So its definitely a well earned treat to finally have a delicious zesty, crunchy Almond Biscotti. They even have large nutty chunks hidden in them. Bake n Beebz seal of approval!

4. Drinking Beer again!

Gluten free beer! Its pretty awesome to be able to sip on some ale once again! This is brewed by a small company up north, in the Yorkshire Wolds near my grandma! My Dad picked it up for me when he went to visit... need to find it down here!

5. New cookbook!

Can't wait to attempt some of these mouth watering recipes from this book I bought on sale the other day! Already got my eye on a few interesting cake ideas...

Things Im not loving so much...

I haven't been baking quite as much, probally can tell by my lack of posting recently but things have been a bit everywhere whilst im settling in to being back at home and my new job... but hopefully i'll be trying out some stuff from the above book and pre-heating the oven very soon...


  1. congrats on the new job, sweetpea!
    i recently discovered i have a gluten intolerance, so i'll definately be giving a many a your recipes a go! and im all too excited bout it!


  2. Congratulations on the new job! Hope everything is going well. :)

    I love Nando's, and those olives look massive! YUM!

  3. Its all about the olives!

    and thank youuu! x