Wednesday, 31 August 2011

W.I.A.W : the 2 ways to my heart

oh and this creature..
Sleepy Bobbin woke me up with licks bright and early. She was pretty much sleeping on my face all night! but we slowly both got up and got food.
I had a gluten free brioche with raspberry perserve, pb and apple slices, all washed down nicely with 2x cups of tea!
 She went back to sleep and I went to the gym. Post workout fuel was a banana whey protein shake and the (sadly) last slice of the blueberry bakewell tart. I will miss you tart, you were yummy.
 This bank holiday weekend was relaxed and full of sprees of spending. I went shopping with my Mum and bought some new bake ware, flours and a new Gluten free recipe book, I'm so excited to try out some of the fabulous and inventive recipes!
On Saturday Me and Mr Bake n' Beebz hoped on a bus and headed out for some retail therapy, me and the plastic seemed to getting on very well, it kindly bought me many things... including...
Original fluff! Surprise and best?! find of the day!
 Perfect skyscraper platform heels.
MTV crop top from Miss Selfridge
Cutest pink cashmere cable knit jumper from Topshop.
Thanks Mr debit card. Thank you, love you. We rounded the shopping trip off with a shared fro yo cup. After a taste test we chose pomegranate yog with  blackberries. refreshingly sweet, perfect post shop refuel.
 Right now, back to business, and today's Lunch! A mish mash of Crunchy and fresh tasties!
It was made up of a shop bought roast Chicken Nisciose salad with ONE olive. I purchased the salad from Boots, it was marked down from £3 to 75p! I also had some left overs of a homemade beetroot, cucumber and Quinoa salad on the side ( the purple/pink section below!)
Dinner Time rolled around and It involved a whoooooole fridge of veggies! I cooked up Wagamama inspired stir fry with snap peas, mushrooms, carrots, butternut squash and onion served with rice ribbon noods and a chillimen sauce! so quick, easy, flavourful and pretty hot hot spicey. Could've eaten this X10
 Also had my fix of diet crack sodas X2! ( with Illuminous pink lippy mark! so glamorous)
Pretty much sums up  recent goings on here! What is the yummiest thing you've eaten today? Mine was definitely that last slice of tart!

Oh and Did you have a nice bank holiday (uk people)? do you looooove to shop?


  1. Everything looks so good! Your pup is adorable :) I LOVE fluff!!! I eat it every morning with my banana :D

  2. Just out of curiosity, what's in the fluff? I doubt it's vegan but you never know! And yes, I looooooove to shop - I'm currently trying to turn it into a career, lol. Man, those heels are high,I'd never be able to walk in them. The Wagamama inspired stir fry is right up my street - delish:)

  3. I love to shop and even though I got a load of autumn stuff I may have to track down that jumper from Topshop! Love the look of all your eats, so delicious!

  4. Blueberry bakewell tart sounds like the most amazing creation. Whoever dreamt that up is a genius!

    Your breakfast looks delicious and adorable. Your photography is really nice and dreamy looking!

  5. Cute pup! Haha and great eats. Happy WIAW :)

  6. I looovee to shop..especially for food :)