Wednesday, 21 September 2011

What I Ate Wednesday: Barking mad edition

Disclaimer: sorry guys this is a very pooch filled post. actually, sorry im not sorry, I LOVE THEM DAGS! ... well only really one in particular.
Ive been outta the loop with W.I.A.W for the past few weeks as work has seemingly taken over my blogging life, but hopefully tis will all change soon and ill find a routine that works for me.
So first off...What i wore Wednesday! my Bargain  thrift Hobbs dog knit jumper, purchased this weekend, Topshop skinny jeans and my new glasses. a very Sensible teaching outfit... can't be wearing my usual ultra cropped tees on school days.
 After all that faffing around photographing my outfit and getting Beebz to be still, breakfast was rushed, no time for a hot one just a Gluten free cereal mix in a giant bowl with bloobs, strawbs, half a nana, soya milk and topped off with lashings of cinnamon and a sprinkle of coconut.
Whilst on tea break, I perused the pages of the latest gossip mags and came across the fashion knit wear is apparently on trend.

 and whilst patting myself on my back I ate the last of my dog shaped Gluten Free shortbread cookies!
 By lunch time, the kids have completely worn me out and I'm usually pooped and going blind with hunger. after the walk home, prepared and waiting for me was my jar of cookie crack inspired by chocolate covered katie. I have been eating this healthy and very addictive cookie dough dip by the spoonful lately. Its just the batter of my blondies uncooked ;) it doesn't look impressive but oh geeeeeez its the beez kneez.
soooo...Lunch was 2 slices of GF toasted bread with cookie dough and a drizzle of honey, along with a apple from my garden chopped up and sprinkled with honey.
Oh and while Im here, thought i'd share some other lunches from this week too... 
Spiced butternut squash and carrot soup with hummus and rice crackers.
Beetroot and Lentil Bhajis with a corriander dip. 
After my lunch, we climbed in my Dad's car and headed out to dunstable downs for a long walk on the hills, It was so unbelieveably windy, I had an instant headache from the cold relentless blustery winds, we had to retreat to some woodland.
Once back at home, I warmed up with a cup of english tea.  I did a quick home cross trainer workout which worked up a appetite  for Supper... A salad niscose sorta thing, boiled egg, tuna, spinach, tomatoes, beets and heeeeaps of balsamic vinegar.
 Eating some popcorn whilst i type,  planning on an early night, gotta be bright eyed and bushy tailed to educate some kids tomorrow. PEACE OUT. oh and thanks for Jenn for hosting as always!!!


  1. Hello :) I've just discovered your blog - it's ace! Your shortbread pups are the cutest and make me want to buy a doggie cookie cutter just so I can make them, ha. Those beetroot/lentil bhajis also look delicious - did you make them?

  2. Everything looks so good in this post! And I have to say I am in love with your wrist tattoo, I've wanted a Russian doll tattoo for ages, I collect them!

  3. @ Laura I got it done in brighton a few months back! Ive always been a massive babushka doll lover.

    @bronagh hello! nawwww thanks! I didnt make them no, they were from a Indian food stall I was walking past whilst shopping, they smelt too good to pass up. xxx

  4. Great blog, so glad I came across it. I love anything with a bit of quirk :)
    Such lovely pictures with refreshing perspectives. Not just shot from one angle, so to speak. Everything is plated so well. I love it!

  5. you have some delish vegan recipes over here and your dog is a cuttie - going to check in more often from now on ;)

  6. All your eats look so good!
    Aw! Those cookies are so cute! :)

  7. Aw your dog is too cute!
    Isn't Katie's blondie dip the best? She can do no wrong. I'm curious about those beetroot/lentil bhajis. They look fantastic!