Tuesday, 25 October 2011

NAKD BAR REVIEW + giveaway.

A little while a ago I received a range of snack bars to sample, Natural Balance foods supplied me with a vast range of their oatie and nudie bars. 
I had had nibbled and munched on these bars previously and was a fan, but it was great to be able to test the whole Nakd bar family.

Ohhh Im in love, These are my new go to snacks. Ill pop a Nakd Nudie bar into one of my millions of handbags before I trot off to work every morning, I look forward to a nibble all morning, and ohhhh they go down a treat with my cuppa tea after a morning teaching. I often keep one in my gym bag for when im ready to eat my fist after a good ol work out. 
Not only are they gluten free, so I can happily chomp away, but There free of any nasties, 100% natural ingredients, no added sugars or syrups, gluten, wheat and dairy & GM free. Just lots and lots of lovely raw nuts and fruit. yum. I love the fact the ingredient list is so simple. 
I found them all to be light and just the right size to keep you ticking over.

The whole range is fantastic, Im definately liking the nudie bars more than the oatie bars, they're a lot more moist, chewy and dense. But if i had to say, My absolute fave flavahs were the sweet and nutty peacan pie, cashew cookie, the gingerbread bar is nicely spice and choco orange tastes like a terrys chocolate orange (always get one for christmas) except  its healthier and doesn't make ya feel so sluggish like the huge ball of milk chocolate does.
A big Bake n Beebz thumbs up to nakd bars.
I will be hosting a giveaway of my favourite Nakd bars very soon!  keep your eyes peeled and stay tuned...


  1. Love nakd bars! Cashew cookie is amazing!

  2. Nakd bars rock!

  3. Glad you like them! Even better when they are freeee!Giveaway will be hosted in the next few days!