Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Gettin' festive

Ahhhhh I'm So excited to receive bloggy my secret Santa! Laura took it upon her self to spread some festive joy and organize a blogging parcel exchange.
I received my gifts in the post this morning! Lucy from porridge and parsnips Sent me a brilliant card and box of pink delights!
Pink mug for my daily cuppa x10, Christmas green and red M&Ms (which didn't last after delivery!) and pink cupcakey bits....
Thank you so much Lucy!
Can't wait to see my parcel I wrapped up and sent pop up on the blogo'shpere!

In other festive news...
My lil tree is up!  I had a wonderful Sunday at Mr Bake n Beebz's, we had a family roast and Christmas tree day! we dressed the tree, it looked far more beautiful/ tasteful than my amateur bedside creation. If I had my way i would turn my bedroom into a complete sparkling tinsel filled grotto.
 Things have been winding down at school and me and my class have been doing lots of Christmas crafts! At the end of the day I'm covered in glitter, glue and tissue but its soooo much more fun than sums or spellings.
I baked and packaged some mini gluten free fruity christmas cakes for a bake sale! they were pretty popular and a made some pocket money

I have been working seven days a week lately at school and at the cath kidston store so havent had much time to bake or blog, Ill have some extra pennies though! The school breaks up for christmas holidays this friday... cant wait to get back in the game. planning on baking some christmas present and puddings for family and friends.

Do you make/bake homemade gifts?!