Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Happy Holidays

Schooooooooooooools . out. for. winter.

Finished up at school for Christmas. the last week we just threw glitter about, sang carols and ate chocolate. Its was pretty fun, but the kids were getting so hyper by Friday. I'm glad to now, have packed up and be outta class.

I'm ready for my 2 weeks of relaxing baking, shopping and quality time with those people I sorta like.

speaking of which, Monday I met up and spent the day in London with Mr Bake n Beebz...
we had planned to go ice skating but the weather was miserable and the rain stopped play, so instead we  just fancied spending some time in each others company in the capital.  We wandered around M&M world...
sipped pints of diet cola in a pub and watched the hustle and bustle of china town...
happened to stumble across the hummingbird bakery. stepped inside to be welcomed by christmassy cupcakes.
the only GF cupcake left was a lil frosted vanilla numbah. but boy, it was nomz. Ate it all up by myself and sent myself spiraling into a full sugar coma.  
After wandering pretty aimlessly and getting soggy in the drizzle we decided to catch the tube to Kensington... to make the pilgrimage to...

 as we stepped  ran in, I shreiked with excitement... It was like frickin' disney for a foodie blogger.

Gigantic gingerbread mansion...

the best part was the self service nut butter machines, you can make and blend your own nut butters choosing from almond, pecan, pistachio and peanut... I had some cheeky samples, harry had to restrain me from putting my head underneath the machine's taps, The pecan was so gooooood, but at £26.99 per kg, I, and my purse opted for straight up salted peanut. its by far the best PB i have ever had, tastes so fresh and its good to know it only contains nuts and nuttin' else.
we needed a rest after so much excitement and dined in the restaurant, I made a B line for the burrito bar but in the end was enticed by a gluten free meddterainian platter of falafel, green bean and aubergine tagines
served with lentil rice. this was so good! and a bargain meal out for £3.80
After refueling I continued to drag Mr B n B around the aisles and we picked up some amazing American foods including salsa verde for mister spicy. The most addictive jalapeno cheese pop-chips,  jars of PB&co nut butters and lots of baking/pancake mixes.

BEST DAY EVER! I would just like to say thanks, Harry for putting up with your mental PB/ foodie obsessed girlfriend.
and now, im in the kitchen baking cookies! g'night.


  1. Haha, Whole foods totally is Disney land for food bloggers! Hope you have a great Christmas!