Thursday, 5 January 2012

Oh hello 2012!

Happy new year!
Bobbin has been enjoying wearing her christmas present. we have just got in a from a refreshing, if chilly new years walk, we are getting out of this January funk/ post Xmas blues together!

My resolutions definitely involve getting back into the blogging saddle, Ive become complacent and neglected my lil bloggy baby, but no more.
My new years eve involved bubbley cocktails in teh tub whilst getting semi casual, sorta glam for a lovely low key night.
Dining out, at an Indian restaurant and consuming a mountain of poppadoms with Mr. Bake n Beebz. A chill evening, but awesome none the less.

and gluten free beeeeeer.

This week I'm trying to eat a little lighter, my bum is paying the price of eating my wieght in reeses peanut butter cups, fluff and cakey goods on a daily basis...

This year, I  AM GOING TO....

1. continue to bake and blog! step up, and post and whisk up new recipes more often!

2. GO TO AMERICA... I have been planning to travel to America since forever and I need to finally walk down the aisle... at trader joes.

3. keep up my fitness, and switch up my work outs! definitely going to get out of my comfort zone and attend some exercise classes at my gym. Any suggestions on ones that will kick ma butt?

4. Pass my driving test! In fact i have just put the deposit down on my very first car! and will be picking this beaut of a smart car up tomorrow... out for the bake n beebz mobile!

What are your resolutions and hopes for 2012?


  1. 2... America is awesome :) When you plan to go, post it so I can give you some ideas on places to see and such!

    3. Weight training, zumba and spinning classes are what always kick my butt! Well, that and Jillian Michaels!

    4. Driving is so much fun, and I'm lovin' your new car!

    My 2012 resolution is to be more proactive:

  2. mmmm jar of fluff, brilliant.

    I really want to focus more in 2012 - on myself, my family and what makes me happy (cooking, yoga, blogging and other creative ventures)

    Get into some yoga for strength + toning.

    Hooray 2012!

  3. Your new ride is beautiful. It matches your stylish character perfectly! I know you'll pass that driving test. =) I hope to see you soon riding that car, and I wish you a prosperous 2012! Keep safe!

  4. How’s your driving test? Did you take it already? I’m pretty sure you aced it. The car you chose is so pretty by the way. You’d definitely be the envy of the neighborhood with that stylish smart car. =)