Wednesday, 11 January 2012

What I ate Wednesday... MUFFIN MOBILE...

S'up playaaaasss. I just rolled up in my first set of wheels!
Yup Bake and Beebz is on the road... reppin' in a zebra print smart car! we've nicked named her the muffin mobile... I just need to pass my practical test next. But for the time being Im being chauffeur driven around in our new motor by Mr BnB!
 we have been zipping about enjoying our freedom, my first request was that we make the drive to the next town to get to the nearest frozen yoghurt place!

 Whilst at the shopping centre also picked up some essentials... American candy...

 Back to W.I.A.W and Back to the my resolution stipulates, im going to get back into blogging regularly, so i'ma just hop on board the W.I.A.W train once more...

I think one of the things that made me lose my blog mojo is the lack of day light. My SLR just isnt a happy bunny with out natural light so I'm having to pretty much rely on instargram on my iphone to capture anything.

7 am... GF fibre flakes with blue berries and half a chopped apple.
morning snack: Glass o' Green monstah... spinach, Soya milk and protein powder smoothie for some extra nutrients.
Lunch, 1pm: 2 slices of seedy gluten free bread. one, topped with guacah molaaay and beetroot slices and the other smuthered in Peanut butter. washed down with a bubbley soda pop.
 For dessert I had myself a nibble of some warrrrrm chocolate chip cookie that I baked. Its a new to me box mix, and it was chewie chocolate win.
Gonna take the rest into work for a mid week pick up for my colleagues! (if there are any left by tomorrow...)
then walked bobbin over the local fields this afternoon and then Before heading go to the gym, I had a bowl of hoooatmeal heaven. banana, caramel pudding and dark chocolate dreams PB topped oats.
{INSERT KILLAH STAIR MASTER WORKOUT} Hit the gym for some cardio and strength excercises with harry. Did 20 mins on the stationary bike and only 10 minutes on the stepper machine but I was seriously wiped, my bum was beat so me and my sore limbs headed home for din dins.
post workout fuel of the baby ruth bar I bought, not the best protien source I'd admit. My sweet tooth has been in constant ohhhver drive since Christmas. I'm very much struggling to resist ALL chocolate sugary temptations. waaaahhhh... But dinner was a delicious pitta pizza... Gluten free pitta base with pesto topped with mushrooms and mozzarella. served with a simple balsamic tom and spinach salad. yum.
annnnnd that was the day that was. lots o' nomz woz had. Time to, make myself a hot drink and watch some Dexter! ive only started watching it, but I'm so hooked! G'night.

what did you eat wednesday????
has christmas/ the holidays left you in a sugary rut? hat ways do you combat the indulgences of the past few weeks?

As always thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for hosting W.I.A.W!


  1. hahaha love that you named it the muffin mobile!!!! =) those zebra stripes are faaaaaab! all I have is a zebra print Bulletin board. jeal =)

    happy wiaw alice!

    1. I love your blog!!! What's that in your froyo?

  2. I like all your matryoshka love! :-)

    I so wish we could get froyo more over here! The UK really needs to catch on quicker! ;-)

    Love your blog!