Monday, 30 January 2012

Selling Like Hot cakes

Bake n Beebz had our first venture into business yesterday.
 It has long been my dream to make a lil dollar from my hobby. Myself and Mr Bake n Beebz often think of how much we'd love to bake and sell and work at creating our own business... so we decided to give it a test run at a local market.
On Friday although still hobbling on crutches and slightly mental and under the influence from prescription druggies....I joined Costco, for business annnnd pleasure. Not only did I wanna get my trolley loaded up with some bulk American import bargains but to scope out and buy industrial sized bags of flour, sugar and butter for biiiig quanties of cupcake making. Harry pushed me around in a wheel chair whilst I grabbed and sipped refils of cola.
muffin mobile number 2
...Also joined mainly to buy 2kg jars of Skippy PB. yeeeeaaah PB Buddy!
I spent all of Saturday baking and icing until 1.30 am in the morning. after several hurdles and 10 split icing bags... I had baked enough cupcakes to feed/supply a nation of sweet tooth people with pocket fulls of money.
-5am- Sunday morning/night- Mr Bake n Beebz fired up the Muffin mobile and we loaded up the wagon!
-by 7am we had eaten a Mc donalds drive through breakfast and were setting up our stall.
 Honestly, Business was slow as first, a mixture of freezing weather and kinda pikey/cheapy vibe to the market, kinda meant people were tight with their purse strings. I felt a bit disheartened but Mr BnB kept me entertained and we made up some cakey chants and soon enough my cupcakes started to disappear from the stall. In the end we sold over 3/4s of our baked goods, had a lot of fun and made a nice little profit. good day. I've learnt a whole lot and certainly looking forward to our next sale!
 The best part of it all? eating the poor left overs that didnt sell. its a win, win job!


  1. Awww, your stal looks LUVERLY!!! where did you do the market? you shud do portobello, they LOVE a good cupcake there! (just dont set up too close to the hummingbird cafe! :-p)

  2. Oh well done! Your stall looks super cute... I would have bought about 50 of those, they look delicious, especially the big ones :) How fun, I love markets... hope your tootsie is feeling better

  3. Can I order one of those ones with the sprinkles at the end for my Birfday? x