Sunday, 5 February 2012

super bowl sunday.

I have been hooked in, like a sucker to this years NFL. American football highlights are always on those biiiiig wide screen TVs in my gym on a sunday and I find my self totally absorbed into the games and forget all about my burning thighs on the bikes or my dreadmill workout.

im pretty excited for The Patriots V giants game,  but because of the time difference, doesnt kick off til 2300 hours here, so i gotta get me some pre match fuel to keep me awake.
 Couple of glowing  GF blond beers are lined up in my fridge.
This St Petes brew is one of my favourites. but then anthing crisp and bubbley does the trick.
i've sorted out my snacky snacks for this evenings play off.
PB straight up with a dessert spoon and gonna freshly pop some popcorn when the time is right/ during those looong u.s commericals.