Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Happy birthday Bake n Beebz!!!

happy birthday to me, happy birthday to beebz, happy brithday dear Bake n beebz!
We've turned 1! Me and Beebz have done a whole lot of fun and foodie things in the space of 12 months...but mostly consisting of sweet tooth yummy stuff. Time well spent.
awesome photoshopping skillz... still yet to be improved.
One of our First ever posts was cupcakes, so my celebratory birthday party time post is all about cupcakes... my, my how this lil blog has come along, as well as turning gluten free, Its funny to see how my baking and photographing skills have definitely improved... here's to another year of baking n Beebz...
Its my birthday and I'll eat cake if I want to. ok. thanks... nom.
gluten free and vegan Jam doughnut cupcake recipe to come tomorrow!