Sunday, 22 April 2012

Hey you...

 Yeah you, How you doing? have a sit down , pop ya feet up and lets have a good l catch up ma dear.
I have been throughly enjoyed 2 weeks off from school. SPRING BREAKKK YEAAAAAH.  im now back to reality and back in the classroom teaching some lil nuggets some maths and important worldy stuff. but id just thought id share some instgrammy pics of whats been going on up in here...

I done some partying. got a bit boozey.

ate some questionable BBQ meat

aaaaand suffered with self inflicted painful hangovers the next day.

Once fully recovered I packed my bags and ventured down south to the coast.

Visited ma ol best mates and brought them an offering of lemonade cupcakes.

we shopped and strolled along the sea front.

once my lil seaside holiday was over Its was easter where I consumed many of these:
aaaand these:
Had a blast and knocked down some pins on a finally bowling date night with Mr BnB.
peace out x