Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Baking with Beets

Or bake n' beetz!  This morning I popped down to St.Albans wednesday market and picked up some cooked beetroot amoungst other fresh produce.
Once home I decided to have a little experiment in the kitchen. I had chocolate on the brain and decided I wanted to create a kind of red velvet cake that incrporated my much loved beets. Using my carrot cupcake recipe as a base I got to work.

I added some extra cocoa powder to the fat free mix and popped the batter into the oven and waited (impatiently) for the results!
After extensive taste testing, they're good, chocolatey yet earthy, I'm just not completely satisfied with the recipe or quantities just yet so i will keep trying as i think they have potential. for now i will slop on as much icing possible and will post recipe when my discerning sweet tooth has given it a full stamp of approval.

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