Wednesday, 20 July 2011

W.I.A.W : Dark chocolate dreamin'

today a very important package arrived from the states. containing a his and her jar selection of PB&co Dark chocolate dreams for me and a jar of salsa verde for spicey mr bake n beebz. You cant get these in the UK anywhere and every time I read another foodie blog and they have PB&co butter, I let out a jealous sigh and throw a tantrum. 
 Now i am a owner of said jar Im soooo happy.  I have waited patiently .... and now my time has come. popped open the jar within 30 seconds of waving off and slammin' the door behind the postie, and dunked my fingers in for a scooop. HEAVEN. Recieving mail makes me want to do food package swaps with other bloggers!

Breakfast was buckwheat oats inspired by healthy hipster's post last week.
I mixed a tbsp of coconut flour in whilst cooking which made them soooo creamy. 
topped with a dollop of dark chocolate dreams, raspberries and honey.
Fell like this nut butter is going to be gone by the end of the day... gotta learn to ration, its too precious.
 i'll have to keep using this lipbalm for now.
Grilled Potabello mushoom the size of my face with pesto, spinach and mozzarella.
I've eaten copious amount of these today.

After lunch Me and Harry headed tot he gym for a workout. I ended up doing a intense strength training work out with him. Mr Bake and Beebz is a tough drill Sargent ;) and boy does my butt feel sore now.
Need refuelling after boot camp so we are having:

Mexican veggie filled rice cooked by harry with chicken and salsa verde!

 Hopefully we're going out to see the final Harry Potter tonight! cannot wait!...after a power nap ;)

have you seen it?
Oh and if anyone is interested in doing a foodie blogger parcel swap contact me!

P.P.S thanks jenn for hosting another W.I.A.W!!!


  1. Which site did you order from? iHerb?
    I found a delicious carley's organic chocolate nut butter the other day! I'd say it would rival PB & Co.! ;)
    You're gonna love Harry Potter it was amazing! :)

  2. WOW! just googled Carley's! so many nut butters! goodness me...already got an order in because i know my pb&co jar doesn't stand a chance and will be gone by the morning.

    I sorta don't want to see harry potter because then i have to accept its the end!


  3. Thanks for partying with meee! <3 I hear ya on the food jealousy -- there is a LOT of stuff I can't get in my town and I have to take road trips for 2-4 hours to get things! or order them I guess? I forget ordering is an option! lol!

    Happy WIAW!!!!!

  4. OMG loving your blog - lol in canada we don't have trader joes either, but come on you have marks and spencers :) :) :)
    I'm british and desperately miss all the british food, we have it shipped here from our family all the time!
    Can't wait to read more, thanks for visiting my blog!

  5. Those oats look DELISH! Why oh why can't it always be breakfast?
    Thanks for the shout out, lady.

  6. Yum. I don't think anything else really needs saying.

  7. Hello there! I found your fab site via peas and crayons - this is my first time taking part in the wiaw shenanigans. Anyway, I'm not sure how close you live to Cornwall but I managed to find the chocolate dreams tub of awesomeness at Kingsley Village near Newquay I know! I went nuts when I spied it - eep! I too, am a lover of all things American and I was lucky enough to live there for 2 years (Chicago) and it was every bit as great as we imagined. We've now set our sights on San Fran and hope to get back out there in the next couple of years. Anyway, sorry for babbling and hello!

  8. omg everything looks so good! i can't believe that betty crocker makes lip balm now! genius!!

  9. Woah Betty Crocker chocolate lip balm! Crazy. Great idea to mix coconut flour into oats. I'm going to try that! Hope you enjoyed the movie!

  10. I'd love to do a parcel swap - I miss goodies from the UK. Dark Chocolate Dreams is delicious though!

  11. Rhanks guys! The lipbalm is awesome! I can Always taste cookies... A moment on the lips and not a lifetime on da hips! Haha

    @peasoupeats its my ultimate dream to pack up and move to SF! Xx