Wednesday, 27 July 2011

W.I.A.W: The Graduate.

This is kinda a what I ate Monday really, as i have been so busy moving I haven't done any baking and eats have been very snacky and and sporadic! Packing up and moving is definatly one of the most stressful things Can't wait to get settled in and for everything to be be sorted... but in the mean time here is my W.I.A.W(monday)

I have consumed hella diet cola and berries and made this tasty and very pink beetroot, strawberry banana et soya smoothie concoction. Served up with a peanut buttaaa pittaaaa on the side. Defiantly going to be whizzin' up more smoothies in the future this was delish but I'm going to add protein powder to beef up my next batch.
  On Monday it was my graduation from university! My parents came down for the ceremony and we celebrated. here I am feeling a bit uncomfortable in all my gown and glory...
 Collected my diploma... Its official I am a bachelor in the art of fashion.
Getting giddy and feeling like I was at Hogwarts...
toastin' with some bubbles and my dad.
 For lunch I sat on outside with a Marks and spencers gluten free Egg Mayonnaise sandwich and diet coke.
Some people want presents and flowers when they graduate... but I demanded Frozen yoghurt as my treat.
blueberry frozen yoghurt topped with fresh strawberries and cinnemon apple sauce.

The ceremony was 3 hours long filled with lengthy speeches and bizarre fanfare it most defiantly dragged on.. I mean... Im only interested in hearing my own name called out, sod the rest of ya. It was a really fun day and nice to reflect upon 4 years of hard work, but its was also tinged with a little sadness...finally saying goodbye to my student life.

After all the pomp and ceremony I returned home, tired and weery but had just enough energy to rustle up some supper...  me and Mr Bake and Beebz had alot of fun making this homemade GF pizza.
have you been to a graduation ceremony, did you enjoy it?
oh and whats your favourite smoothie flavvahs?


  1. Oh my I love Lick frozen yoghurt but with me being vegan I had to relegate to the soya shakes at shakeaway instead! I've graduated twice from my BA and MA and both were so much fun! Congrats on completing your course!

  2. thank you! AHHH licks good but SHAKE AWAY IS AMAZING THOUGH! my friend works in there and i often get a freebie cup made up of all the scrapings from the bottom of the blender jug of other peoples orders hahaha.

  3. Congratulations!!! That's exciting :) And I'd totally demand fro-yo too!!

  4. oh congrats!!! i would definitely demand fro yo, too! ;)

  5. froyo > flowers. any day! =) EEE CONGRATS!!!!!!!

  6. Graduations are always so long and boring, but congrats! Loooove fro yo - I like the self serve places so you can try more than one flavor!

  7. congratulations on graduating! cinnamon apple sauce on blueberry frozen yoghurt = amazing :)

  8. Congratulations! So exciting for you. ps - I love the photos in this post!