Monday, 25 July 2011

Fluff Stuff

 I have fluff in my possession...
On a shopping trip to Brighton, on Saturday I wondered into, the American candy store, Cyber candy, and discovered they now stock fluff! They must have heard my pleads. This stuff is all i ever dreamed of and more. As soon as I leapt onto train home, found my seat, relatively safe out of the judging public eye, I scooped my paw in and gobbled up a couple of handfuls.Then i suddendly remembered i had also bought some gluten free chocolate animal crackers... so they got a good dunkin' oh it was the BEST TRAIN COMMUTE EVAAAAAH. Its so sweet, even for my sweet tooth, my mouth kinda ached afterwards, It is after all a massive marshmallow poured into a glass jar...but its worth it.
On Sunday I baked some GF chocolate cupcakes for me and some friends i was meeting at the beach. I topped them with mallow fluff and sprinkles. That fluff had a mind of its own and kept dripping every where, messy but worth the rediculously stick fingers. I think this could be a new enduring love affair....
next stop fluffer nutter sam michs here i come...

have you ever had marshmallow in a jar? whats your stance on teh fluff? like, love or hate?
Right back to packing up my appartment... Big move tomorrow...


  1. I had a look in that store in Brighton and wow! I have tried that stuff and it is heaven in a jar :-)

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