Thursday, 25 August 2011

Nandos...gluten freeeer eatin' out

Me and my ol' mate Charlotte met up for some dinner out tonight. Food and gossip were our plans.  She picked me up and we headed to the chain restaurant Nandos to get us some chicken. I havent been to a Nando's restaurant since my 17th birthday (that's 6 years ago) A ll i could remember was greasy fried food and I didnt really hold much hopes for getting myself some tasty that Gluten Free. but I was pleasantly proven very wrong!
 I ordered me some seasoned chicken breast with a massive Mediterranean salad comprising of feta, black and green marinated olives, cherry tomatoes, sun dried toms and chilli peppers. all tossed in a  simple GF salad dressing of olive oil and lemon juice is used. Check out those massive olives they were the size of a meloooon! so flavourful!
The staff were really helpful and well educated in Gluten and food intolerance matters, the servers made sure I knew exactly what I could and couldn't have. Pretty much the whole menu was ayyy ohh kay apart from breads. I was really surprised by how great my meal was and will defiantly be back for more! some of the roasted veggie and bean side dishes sounded mouth watering.
But the best part was unlimited diet cola from the machines and refills of honey frozen yogurt.
Several servings were consumed... Helped by an old friend of ours worked there and willingly fetched us more.
Annnnd my box of cookies that I won arrived from the U.S today!  I have only tried the banana + walnut one so far but it was absolutely scrummy! A massive thank you to Tia at Glugle Gluten free who hosted the review and giveaway and sent me these Nutritious Creations cookies!


  1. mmm cookies and ice cream? yum!

  2. I always get the med salad at nando's too, I love how salty it is from all of the football sized olives, yum! Love the free refills too, I spend half my time going back and forth. Yay cookies!

  3. Glad you had such a good meal out, I haven't been to Nando's in years either! That salad does sound so so good!

  4. I've noticed a lot of my clothes have been cut into crop tops.

  5. Honey frozen yogurt?! Gimme, gimme!

    Have a great weekend, girl!