Wednesday, 24 August 2011

What I ate Wednesday!

Bobbins had a shower this mornin' getting fresh (FTD)for the days activities of nappin' and ballin'
we both had breakfast together, she had rice and chicken. I'm not one for savoury breakfasts and Beebz doesn't share so I enjoyed raspberry and PB protein buckwheat oats! pink and perfect. 
I also had some wheat grass and carrot juice to get things started.
this morning I had planned to head out early for  a group yoga class at the new gym I've now officially joined... but I got too distracted by playing with Beebz and devouring taste testing cake pops. just having one of those lazy kinda days which seem to fly by before ya know it, ya know!?
I then, at around 12ish, got my act together and trundled along to the gym for my usual cardio and strength workout. 25 min HIIT on treadmill followed by some abs and shoulder work with weights and machines then a sauna session. job done.
After beastin' it out I headed home to refuel with a simple vegetable loaded pasta salad with chicken breast chunks and hummus dollop for good measure.
ohhh and most importantly and a GF cake pop for dessert.... Recipe to be coming very soon!
Did some more lounging around and cleaned the bathroom then it was...
Dinnaahhhh time!
  Gluten free Homemade southern style crispy chicken with healthy baked fries!
I will definately be posting this recipe up very soon, its too good/ amazingly healthy not to share! . It tastes like the real deal but no guilt or gluten to be found. exciting ay?
oh and in other news... oh I know you have been waiting in anticipation from last weeks WIAW ....  I PASSED last weeks driving theory with flying colours... now for the more difficult part of actually getting behind the wheel. 

What awesome things have you eaten today?


  1. Congrats on passing your theory test, thats wonderful! Those chips look delicious!

  2. I love those cake pops - my daughter would go crazy for them.

  3. Congratulations on passing your theory! Bet you can't wait to drive. That chicken looks amazing, I loooove southern fried chicken!

  4. I need those fries in my life - like now! Mmm!

  5. Cute nailpolish!! Its the perfect pink.
    The cake pop is adorable!

  6. Oh Bobbins, what a silly pup, who eats savory breakfasts anymore? Me thinks she needs a bowl of puppy oats to change her mind!