Sunday, 16 October 2011

Pumpkin Quest.

This gal and her pup decided to go on a  mission to find tinned pumpkin...
 Its pretty rare, the only supermarket in the UK to really stock it is Waitrose, which is a 2 hour round trip on foot... (really need to pass my driving test ay es ay pee) So me and Beebz threw on our rucksacks and set off for a adventure.
a beautiful autumnal evening.
We stopped to refuel, picnic style by the river with a diet cola for me and water and kibble for Bobbin.
After  bit more trekking, we finally made it! Got the pumpkin, got out, no messin' and headed back home with the supermarket's whole shelf supply of pumpkin. plus a bonus...this cute munchkin pump.. 

OHHHHH and found another munchkin pumpkin too...
 (f.y.i first Bake n Beebz video installment! may make it a regular occurrence.) Dunno how happy Bobbin is with me making her play halloween dress up. but it makes me very happy, indeed.
So excited to get baking! there's so many pumpkin recipes I have been dying to try out for so long...


  1. Hope you enjoy it! I made some cookies yesterday with my second last tin of libby's. So good!

  2. what a cute lil halloween bub! im feeling the urge to buy/make a costume for my little terror...! where did you get yours from?
    YAY for waitrose. i bought some pumpkin tins but i havent a clues-ville what to do with it! i tried some in oats and didnt really like it :-s

  3. I have 3 tins of pumpkin stashed away in my cupboard but I'm kind of scared to use them up, haha. Looking forward to seeing what you make with yours :)