Tuesday, 11 October 2011

W.I.A.W : when gluten attacks...

6.45 am bowl of hot hots with frozen raspberrys half chopped banana and dollop of crunchy PB. after this steaming creamy start, I sneekily crawled back into bed for another 10 minutes, before admitting defeat, and telling myself im a grown up now and need to go to work, Reluctantly changed from my PJ's into my out fit of the day...

Today is a lil different, Im off to the district council office's for a Training day in how to teach spelling and phonics to little people, so I went pretty casual.

Denim Jacket- American apparel
oversized grey sweater- topshop
leggings- Primark
scarf- charity shop/thrift.
purse- urban outfitters
bag- cath kidston
NEW SHOES- Topshop!
I bought two pairs this weekend, white leather loafers and some smart black brogues... I was only going to get one pair, after deliberating on the shop floor for an hour, walking about with one on each foot... Mr Bake n Beebz (who was starting to lose his patients) made the choice and said we should get both! so I did.

Break Time, this was very well received. The coarse was painfully slow and the lady training us was pretty unenthusiastic, monotone with sweat patches. By 10.30am I was loosing the will to live. luckily there was light at the end of the tunnel... a cup of tea and one of my cookies. without chocolate, i don't think I would have made it through today....
At 12.30 I was nudged by the colleague next to me and awoken from a nap, to the best news from the lecturer... lunch was on the council, free food! waaahey! 
Ran down to the canteen and elbowed my way to the front of the que... today's hot meal was a roast veggie frittata... and I was assured it was Gluten free. I also grabbed a diet cola and the only GF pudding strawberry JELLLOOOOH.
The slab of frittata was jam packed with roasted sweet potato, mushrooms and bell peppers. so good. So good it almost made me forget that I had to go back... I was so tempted to run, run and never look back. But once again I told myself 'im an a big girl now, I cant bunk lessons if i want to be a teacher'... so, back to class for another siesta ;)
To keep up the morale I picked up some emergency chocolate... ate a few balls... then immediately felt bizarre. I popped the packet back into my bag but progressively I felt queasy and dizzy. It wasn't til i got home and looked at the packet... THERE IN BLACK AND WHITE.... CONTAINS GLUTEN. ergh, im normally so, so careful, its been a long time since i have had gluten and I seriously forgot how it affects me.
I felt so lethargic by 5 pm I ate a little teeney portion of this curry, homemade with spinach and cauliflower. Then crawled into bed where i remained, unable to do much and just flopped for the the rest of the evening.
Which concludes another What I ate Wednesday (but really Tuesday.)

What as the best thing you ate today? definitely my cookie and the chocolate was pretty tight, til it went and made me sad.
Have you ever been on a work training coarse? or team building exercise *shudders*?


  1. I wanna eat them all they look so good

  2. Don't regret that you got out of bed this morning!! Seriously, I bet there are many kids who are going to be so glad you're teaching them. You're going to make such a change in someone's life.
    breakfast is delish. yours looks fab. and I was scared that you'd worn two diferent shoes, but it's nice that you bought both. They're cute indeed.
    I'm sorry about the gluten. Are you celiac or just gluten intolerant? What are the symptoms?
    best thing I ate today, since it's morning, has been my oats. Definiately a winner always :)

  3. Those cookies look sooooooooo good.... yum

  4. The cookies look amazing! Yum! The best thing I ate today was my daily dose of nut butter:)
    Hope you're feeling better!

  5. woaaah that breakfast of yours looks good! And such a cute outfit :)

  6. Your breakfast and those cookies look soo good! :)

  7. Those cookies are so closeup I can almost eat them!!! ... I need to wipe away some drool... :-)

  8. These cookies are a Christmas time must-try! They look amazing!

  9. Oh no that's such a bummer. Hopefully it doesn't make you feel crappy for TOO long. That veggie fritata looks great for "office food".

  10. I feel your pain, many a time have i had to sit through boring training meetings... ahh the life of a teacher. INSET days are the worst, its the last couple of days of the holidays and you already have to be back in school, BOOO! its all work work work (or in most cases, a big snooooooze!) :-)

  11. Food looks awesome like always. I love your style. Those two pairs of shoes are so cute. I'm jealous and now I want to go shoe shopping.

  12. I just found your blog - love it! I wish I'd stayed in bed today too....but only because it was raining all darn day and i love listening to the rain :-)

  13. I've become a bit addicted to your blog...love your style (and new shoes!)